Day 24: The 2 Most Difficult Choices I’ve Ever Had To Make In Life

Omar M. Khateeb
2 min readFeb 2, 2023


When I was 25, I decided to drop out of medical school.

That decision came from 2 questions everyone must face:

Whenever we set goals in life, life tests us by throwing tremendous blows.

Those blows usually come in the form of an event that sparks a question you must answer if you want to advance.

These were the 2 most difficult choices I’ve ever had to make in life — and both directly impacted my goal of being a great husband and father.

A tool to that for me is entrepreneurship.

Hard Choice #1: Am I willing to change who I am to attain this goal?

When you aim for something it’s always above you.

When you reach for something you must let go of things as a sacrifice.

Some times those things are not anchors but what will elevate you to the thing you’re supposed to be.

People often allow their ego to sacrifice what is core to their being to attain what they think they want.

In reality they destroy the very thing that is at the core of who they are.

For me to be come a surgeon, I would have to become someone that was so far from who I was at my core that I wouldn’t become anything great.

I decided that I had to leave medical school because my intuition nudged me to to go on a journey to discover that man rather than run away from it.

Hard Choice #2: Will attaining that transformation make me a better person?

When we set out on a path to self-actualize and become who we are destined to be ( a great number 2 employee, an entrepreneur, a parent, an artist etc) we sacrifice things along the way.

Relationships, hobbies, etc. Many are short-term pleasures that are more distractions than anything.

But if you’re willing make sacrifices at the start, are you willing to make those sacrifices to go all the way?

Will making these sacrifices make you a better person?

When you align your real purpose with obsession your life is in harmony.

As a result, it become easier to beautify the things around you; your home, your relationships, etc.

Because you are living the life you should be and everyone/everything around you has fallen into agreement with that.

Being forced to make these choices ultimately got me to where I am today — which is an husband/father striving to be the best version of myself every day and entrepreneurship is the vehicle that helps me get there..

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