Day 22: 6 Simple Quotes That Will Remind You To Always {Feeling}

Omar M. Khateeb
2 min readJan 31, 2023

Being an entrepreneur is hard but living a fulfilled life is even harder.

But anytime you feel like giving up, I turn to these 5 simple life-formulas:

Happiness = Reality — Expectations.

You can’t be happy all the time. That’s not how life works.

But lowering your expectations of others brings you closer to the one thing you do have control of; yourself

See things for what they are and expect nothing from anyone except yourself.

Progress = (Pain + Reflection) x Action

Growing pains hurt because growth is the act of changing in ways that are uncomfortable.

The way you progress through life is by experiencing painful, uncomfortable things.

Upon reflection, you take extreme action in a new way.

Suffering = Pain x Resistance

The opposite of progress is when you experience pain but resist reflection.

You gain more from life from patience than with force.

Income = (Responsibility + Specific Knowledge) x Leverage

I’ve realized that as I’ve taken on more responsibility in my career I simultaneously acquired specific knowledge.

Combined, that allowed me to leverage more income, whether it was when I worked in a startup or now as an entrepreneur.

Great Sleep = (7–8 hours x Same Bed Time x 10 minutes Light from Sunrise/Sunset) — Blue Light 1 hr before bed — Food 3 hrs before bed — Work

@ScottAdamsSays inspired me to learn about sleep as a skill.

And the more I thought about it the more I realized it is a skill you have to continuously work on maintain, and adapt as you age.

It starts with getting a 10 minutes of sunset/sunrise light to set your circadian rhythm.

Same bedtime with a solid 7–8 hours of sleep.

Eliminate blue light screens, food, and work a few hours before.

Boom. You hacked your sleep.

Category Fortune = (Market Problem + Attention) x Category = CULT + Multiple Products

Want to make a fortune? @lochhead @categorypirates taught me the value in becoming a Category King.

Figure out and become an expert in a problem that has everyone’s attention.

Create a category to name, claim, frame, and tame the problem.

Then you have a cult of raving fans. Just add more products and ways to help them solve this problem and microproblems associated with it.

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