Day 21: 5 Small (But Easily Fixable) Mistakes Most People Make Working In {Industry}

Omar M. Khateeb
2 min readJan 30, 2023


Getting promoted oftentimes isn’t about being “the best.”

These are the 5 major mistakes most people make — and why, if you can avoid these, your career is going to accelerate exponentially:

Mistake #1: Outshining Your Boss

We often try hard to impress our boss but in the process outshine them to their own boss.

If you’re unlucky, you have a boss that feels threatened by this and will work hard to keep you from getting too much attention.

Rather than focusing on taking credit, focus on taking responsibility.

Ask yourself “what can I do to make my boss look great to their boss?”

Mistake #2: Focusing on Earning Instead of Learning

Early in your career is not the time to to chase money.

Getting paid a lot of money early in your career doesn’t mean you’ll get more money later.

Focus on taking roles at places where you will learn more than you earn.

Developing a skill stack will allow you to leverage for more responsibility is the path to making more money in your career.

Mistake #3: Not Investing in Your Own Development

The biggest mistake many make is not taking their own development seriously.

Buying a few books and going to a seminar once every year or two isn’t enough.

Take courses, find professional coaches, and invest in your skills.

Just like you save/invest a certain percentage of income you should also allocate a percentage of your income annually to self-development.

I usually do 5% — 10%

Mistake #4: Not Reading and Taking Action

Reading is a key skill to adopt as the majority of information in the world is written.

Being able to read efficiently and effectively is a powerful skill

Develop a bias towards action and turn around to put your new learnings to practice.

If your learning turns into knowledge, you become a fool

If your learning turns into action, you become rich.

Mistake #5: Avoiding Discomfort

Human beings like to win and feel comfortable.

But safe and comfortable is the riskiest place to be.

If you are not failing at least once a week you’re not trying hard enough or doing anything special.

A powerful skill to develop is massive courage and no fear of shame.

If you correct these mistakes you’ll position yourself to have a wildly successful career.

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