5 Instagram Growth Tactics for Med Device Companies

Like it or not, Instagram is a marketing channel that all medical device companies can use for B2B marketing.

As of this month, Instagram has 700 million users (courtesy of Tech Crunch).

The reason is that since our customers (physicians) are on their competing for their customer’s attention (patients), then wouldn’t it make sense that you should as well?

After Mark Zuckerberg stole Instagram at a massive discount (Instagram was bought for $1 billion vs. Whatsapp for $4 billion) Instagram is deeply integrated into Facebook and its advertising platform (which is the greatest advertising platform on planet earth when you use the back end).

So here are 5 growth tactics to begin building your Instagram account, an asset that not only grows your brand but also generates leads for your sales team.

Step 1: Utilize Your Bio

When it comes to social media, your goal is to take people away from that channel and to your website where you can control what happens.

This is because once physicians are on your website you get to control the content and dictate what’s worth looking at. If they remain on a social platform, you play by that platform’s rules and pander to what their algorithm dictates as worthy content.

You have only one clickable link on Instagram, and that’s in your bio. So you need to obsess over this.

Don’t just copy/paste your website! Put up a landing page so you can track it and people have a simple action to take. Social media is a tool to help drive sales with cognitively fluent actions.

A physician should know what to expect when they click that link and the ONE action they need to take once on a landing page (e.g. “Sign Up”, “Download Our eBook” etc.).

That’s how great lead generation actually works. It’s not rocket science.

Optimize for Mobile

Google recently announced that it will penalize websites for nonmobile friendly sites

99% (im not joking) of people who view Instagram do so on a mobile device. So you must optimize that landing page for a mobile device. Aka just make sure it all fits on a mobile screen.

Brian Solis explained in his high level and beautifully designed book “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design” that essentially social media isn’t made to make your old way of doing business work better.

Courtesy of Brian Solis, from “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

It involves designing unique experiences that amplify a platform’s strength, such as Instagram’s ability to easily improve photographs or Twitter’s use of short form content.

Why? So people have a great experience. That’s the only way you can get physicians into your funnel, make more profit, make more sales, and generate leads (nurture leads).

Step 2: Have a Content Strategy

Content still reigns as king, but there’s plenty of lazy, poorly pieced together content out there.

On Instagram, there’s a range of content such as:

  • Quotes
  • Inspirational, Motivational Images
  • Images of what a nice audience aspires to
  • Images that trigger emotions

Consistency is everything so try to post almost on a daily basis.

The more you post the faster you can potentially grow.

The more consistent you are, the more momentum you can build.

Of course, since Instagram focuses on imagery, make sure your photos look good. Aesthetics are everything and even just toggling filters will help.

To make quotes on photos use: Wordswag, Typorama, or Canva.

Another great tool is INK361, which can help get the best possible content out there.

You can run scans on competitors accounts to see the most liked/commented. Thus, you find out what content actually works.

For physical products, use case studies/social proof to show physicians and teams using your products.

Don’t forget to ask for the sale! People will not click on the link in your bio unless you ask them to.

Ask for the sale and post about where the link takes you.

Step 3: Hashtags

If you’re not discoverable, you might as well not exist. Using hashtags will help you cross pollinate your content so people who don’t know about your brand can be engaged.

Search for #’s relevant to your niche.

The hashtag #surgeon has over 223k posts.

As you cross pollinate, make sure to engage with people in your target audience on competitor/influencer pages. Be professional, but it can be as simple as hitting the “heart” icon next to their comment.

Want another great tactic? Leave an engaging comment or even quote in the comments section of a competitor’s photo.

Your comment will remain visible at the top until someone else comments. This just made you visible to anyone who sees their post plus serves as an opportunity to poach some attention.

It’s paramount to constantly write back to your community and treat them well. This will help you get hot and targeted followers who will grow your brand and advocate for your products.

Step 4: Shout Outs

This is what the Instagram economy runs on.

Make friends and know your industry so you can share their content and vice versa.

Business development is critical, so be sure to become friends and follow all of your KOLs who are essentially influencers in their own respective niche markets.

Use #S4S (share 4 share or also shout out 4 shout out) to deploy a reciprocity bias.

Step 5: Analytics

Peter Drucker famously said that if it can’t be measure then it can’t be improved.

Tracking everything is vital. (links in bios, call to actions). Use Bit.ly to track clicks on the link in your bio.

As for follower growth, test shout outs both paid and unpaid

This will show how you get traction so you can double down on channels and tactics that work.

Tools to use:

  • Iconosquare.com for engagement
  • Socialblade.com to track growth
  • Minter.io to track growth
  • SocialRank.com to find out the most engaged followers and large accounts with many followers.

Next Steps

Moving forward, here are your action items:

  • Utilize your bio
  • Make sure you have a solid content strategy
  • Aesthetics is key!
  • Utilize growth tactics mentioned
  • Network with influencers
  • Do #S4S
  • Track results with analytics

I also would recommend following Restoration Robotics on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

As surgical robotics company in aesthetics, the company has to deploy both B2B and B2C tactics. As their team builds out digital assets you can definitely pick up a lot of tactics and ideas just by watching.

If you like/share, I’m sure their marketing manager might even reciprocate and do so from a personal account on your company posts.

Omar M. Khateeb is an unorthodox and innovative medical device marketing leader with a background in science and medicine.

His interests reside in sales psychology, neuromarketing, and self-development practices.

Check out his virtual bookshelf here to find your next great read, and connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or SnapChat.



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